Architects: James & Mau
Area: 190.0 m2
Containers: 4
Location: El Tiemblo, Spain
Budget: 140.000 €
Year: 2010
Builder: Infiniki
Building time: 6 months
Furniture / Decoration: Becara
Photos: Pablo Sarabia

This two-story shipping container house consists of four 40′ High Cube shipping containers assembled in L-shape structure. There are the living room, kitchen, bathroom and area for visitors (with a small living room and two bedrooms for guests) on the ground floor and study, bathroom and master bedroom on the second floor.

The location of the site is above an altitude of 1,100 meters, so it is a cold place in winter and ecological biomass heating system is used for heating. The main facade oriented toward the south on the stunning views of the valley and nearby mountain while receiving direct rays of the sun in winter to heat the main exterior facade. Two trees located near the southern wall, so solar radiation is gradually absorbed by the vegetation, which creates an outer green skin to protect the house from the heat in summer. The organization of doors and windows allows for refreshing natural ventilation. The inner enclosure is made of cellulose fibre insulation from recycled newsprint and cork in some places. The house achieves 70% (measured by weight) of recycled and reused components. Taps and sanitary equipment have low water consumption.

The construction system operates on a modular design, with some prefab details to reduce transport costs and pollution on site. The modular system suggests the full realization of the house integrating possible rapid and consistent space expansion in case the client needs change over time.