The Shipping Container Outdoor Room has been designed to provide extra space for various purposes. Portable and innovative, the Container Outdoor Room can be transformed into a modern space solution for retail, business or residential applications such as a retreat, home office, chill-out zone or spare bedroom. Ideal for those working from home, teenagers retreat, extended family, ‘pop-up’ retail events or entertainment room, festivals, expos and much more.

The 20-foot modular prefab unit features lighting, power, flooring, air conditioning, glass sliding doors and superior insulation. The Room is delivered as a ‘blank slate’ and it can be used, decorated and furnished to create whatever interior type of room area is needed. Mixing contemporary design and practicality, the Container Outdoor Room can be delivered directly to the buyer’s site with the added advantage of being able to be repositioned to another site or removed if required.

Royal Wolf is at the forefront of modified shipping containers with a team of experts on-hand to assist in making your dream a reality.

Shipping containers are extremely strong, durable and versatile, providing an ideal base to be converted into an endless array of practical solutions. We have years of experience in helping customers transform their ideas for container workshops, pop-up shops, cafes or restaurants, outdoor rooms, and more, into reality with in-house engineers and draftsman to assist in the design and a production team to ensure quality workmanship in the final product.