How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost?

Containers are purchased wholesale in USD dollars, so the retail price will fluctuate depending on the USD at the time of purchase.  Other factors to consider are: The size and type of the container required. Is it a standard size, high cube or specialised? Age and condition – whether you are purchasing new or used?

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Transforming Shipping Containers into Bars, Pools and Works of Art

Shipping containers are, of course, widely used for shipping. That much should be obvious! However, thanks to current trends in modification and upcycling, containers of all shapes and sizes are being revamped and reused for a variety of creative uses. Did you know, for example, that they are being used to house bars, cafés and bistros?

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Container Transport: How to Get Your Container Across State, Country, or World

While purchasing shipping containers may seem pretty straight forward, getting them where you need them to be can sometimes pose a challenge. Here’s our guide to help you determine the mode of transportation that will best suit your needs so you can get your container and contents exactly where it belongs. Local, interstate or overseas? There are

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They Can do WHAT!? An Ultimate Guide to Shipping Containers

Traditionally used for transport of goods across states and countries, shipping containers are now making a name for themselves on firm ground and being used for more than just storage and haulage. We’ve created a comprehensive guide to everything you might want to know and everything you need to know about shipping containers. Read on

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