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3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home

Containers: 4 x 40 ft Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Year: 2016 This Shipping Container Home is a single-family home that was built in 2016. It contains 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This home last sold for $250,000 in December 2018. This solid steel home is constructed w/ recycled shipping containers. Very […]

2×40 ft and 2×20 ft Shipping Container Home by Project Container

Design: Paola Rossi – Project Container Containers: 2×40 ft and 2×20 ft Location: Jose Ignacio, Maldonado, Uruguay

2×20 ft Shipping Container House with Roof Deck

Architects: Mégui Dal Bó Arquiteta, Saymon Dall Alba Arquiteto Area: 34 m² Containers: 2×20 ft Suppliers: Adobe, AutoDesk, CasaSerra, Giacometti, List Decor, Persol, Trimble Lead Architect: Saymon Dall Alba Responsible Architects: Architect Urb. Mégui Pezzi Dal Bó The architectural project of the 2×20 ft shipping container house with roof deck is based on the conception […]

2000 sq ft Modular Shipping Container Home

Project: Beach Box Design: Andrew Anderson and SG Blocks Containers: 6 Area: 2000 square feet Exterior deck area: 1300 square feet Location: Amagansett Dunes, East Hampton, New York This modular container home is located about 600 feet from the ocean and is consist of six modules made of shipping containers. In the four containers on the […]

20 ft Off-the-Grid Shipping Container

WolfPack Rentals managed to develop a shipping container home that is completely off-the-grid through solar panels and sewage tanks. They converted a 20ft shipping container into a living space with: 15 m² decking that opens and closes on an automatic winch system Bathroom with outdoor shower Kitchen which includes: Fridge, inductive stove, sink, cupboard space Bedroom with […]

20 foot Shipping Container Outdoor Room

The Shipping Container Outdoor Room has been designed to provide extra space for various purposes. Portable and innovative, the Container Outdoor Room can be transformed into a modern space solution for retail, business or residential applications such as a retreat, home office, chill-out zone or spare bedroom. Ideal for those working from home, teenagers retreat, […]

1×20 ft and 2×40 ft Shipping Container Home

Design: Christopher Robertson, Numen Development Containers: 1×20 ft and 2×40 ft Location: Houston, Texas Photography: Jack Thompson Despite unconventional building elements of this shipping container home, the architects created a traditional rectangular home plan. Outside, the three units, one 20-foot container and two 40-foot containers form the three facades, with a glass wall to the fourth […]

1500 sq ft Off-the-Grid Shipping Container Home

Design: Studio H:T (Tomecek Studio) Area: 1500 square foot Year: 2010 Interior of this green off-the-grid shipping container home provides cozy living space, in combination with beautiful mountain view this make the container house a very comfortable retreat place. Various green technologies were used in the project: solar water heating, passive cooling, pellet stove heating, […]

$110.000 Two Story Shipping Container House

Architects: James & Mau Area: 190.0 m2 Containers: 4 Location: El Tiemblo, Spain Budget: 140.000 € Year: 2010 Builder: Infiniki Building time: 6 months Furniture / Decoration: Becara Photos: Pablo Sarabia This two-story shipping container house consists of four 40′ High Cube shipping containers assembled in L-shape structure. There are the living room, kitchen, bathroom and […]

100 sq ft House – Off-Grid Shipping Container

Brenda Kelly made her old dream come true, she was dreaming about the tiny house since she was at the age of 13. And she got it; Brenda lives in a 100 sq ft house – small and cosy off-grid shipping container home. For following the regulations of local zoning in Auckland (New Zealand) concerning […]

$150,000 Shipping Container House

Design: Jason Mitchell and Michael Mardis Total Cost: $150,000 Containers: 4 Location: Springfield, Missouri Year: 2010 Photography: Jess Heugel With a budget of $150,000, Marti Montgomery used four shipping containers to build a home on the land she’s dreamed of living on for decades.

FL1 – Two 40 ft Shipping Containers House Connected with Small Bridge

Design and manufacture: M°LAB, Handwerk Algarve Containers: 2 x 40 ft HC Area: 48 m² Year: 2018 Sustainability, design and quality. With #FL1 shipping container house, M°LAB created an entire lifestyle conception based on two 40 ft HC shipping containers as living space. High quality and space-saving interior design can compensate for the contrast of […]

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